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dictionary of marketing terms

Bullpen art studio within an ADVERTISING AGENCY where all creative ARTWORK as well as special techniques or special effects can be done. The bullpen staff consists of artists, hand-letterers, retouchers, PASTEUP personnel, and artists who specialize in a particular area, such as fashion illustrators or photographers. The availability of a bullpen relieves the ART DIRECTOR of the responsibility of maintaining a list of freelancers, who may prove unreliable or unavailable. It also lends continuity to the creative package offered by the agency and serves as a training ground for personnel working toward promotion to art director. Bumper sticker display poster, with a message imprinted on one side and a sticky substance applied to the other, so that it can be affixed to the bumper of a motor vehicle.

dictionary of marketing terms

Digital photography eliminates the test shots, the expense and long wait for development, and the cost of film. Digital photographs are available instantly for review and distribution. Digital photographs are easily reused in other formats such as using print catalog images to update a Web site. Digital photography is more commonly used for studio shots of products than for location shoots using live models where mobility and variable lighting present greater technical challenges. Credit at the conclusion of the presentation; also called credit line, title. Recognition of the sponsor of a broadcast program. Creep forward movement of the print blanket during OFFSET printing; also called blanket creep.


This CPC will vary depending on different factors, through which your market position, the maximum biding price for 1 click, and the quality rate of your business. If Paid Social Media Ads relates to paid campaigns, Organic Social Media involves organic campaigns, which are unpaid, on Social Media platforms. Organic Social Media relates to a professional maintenance of a Social Media page, which includes a strategy and also community management.

  • Lead generation is a deliberate act by a consumer that exchanges her contact information for a resource from the organization.
  • Through lead nurturing, behavior-based strategies and more, you can use marketing automation to send the right marketing messages to the right people at the right time.
  • META tag generator– tool that will output META tags based on input page information.
  • They are therefore advisable only for extremely small mailings where speed of preparation is not a priority and costs must be kept to a minimum.
  • For an ecommerce store, this is the day with the best/most deals and sales, and, typically, the heaviest flow of traffic.
  • Yellow is printed from the blue COLOR SEPARATION negative, which acts as a filter, blocking all color except yellow.
  • For example, a new parent will frequently be sent promotions for various baby care products, furniture, and parenting publications.

Although narrowcasting reaches a smaller audience than traditional mass media, the audience reached is more likely to be predisposed toward purchase of the advertised product or service. Consequently, narrowcasting can be very efficient, particularly when advertising budgets are limited. Membership consists of individuals from the general public and the advertising industry. The NARB aims to maintain a self-regulatory mechanism that responds constructively to public complaints about national advertising and which significantly improves advertising performance and credibility.

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See also BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS ADVERTISING; CONSUMER ADVERTISING. See also BUSINESS-TOBUSINESS ADVERTISING; INDUSTRIAL ADVERTISING; INDUSTRIAL CONSUMER; INDUSTRIAL GOODS. The basic processes of fulfillment are mail opening, caging , ORDER ENTRY, CUSTOMER SERVICE, address label printing and presorting , merchandise PICKING and PACKING, billing, promoting, and statistical analysis and reporting. Additional information can be obtained from the Fulfillment Management Association in New York City. Full-cover display agreement between magazine publishers and retail NEWSSTAND dealers that their magazines will receive preferential and prominent display positions on the newsstand in return for a RETAIL DISPLAY ALLOWANCE of 6% to 10%.

  • Multiple regression thereby helps marketers to identify their best prospects.
  • However, when considered together, the combination of taste and location may rank significantly higher than taste and speed.
  • Conjunctive model this model of consumer attitude formation holds that the consumer requires a minimum level of satisfaction from every product characteristic or the product will not be purchased.
  • Unfortunately, the sales profession is behind the curve when it comes to deriving similar advantages.
  • LIST OWNERS attempt to prevent this by using ASSIGNED MAILING DATES.

No other tool, organic or otherwise, allows brands to connect with users so simply and successfully based on a common interest or idea. Word-of-mouth marketing– a marketing method that relies on casual social interactions to promote a product. Permission marketing– marketing centered around getting customer’s consent to receive information from a company. Organic search– the unpaid entries in a search engine results page that were derived based on their contents’ relevance to the keyword query. Lead magnet– a specific deliverable that is offered to prospects in return for contact information, typically to join an email list. Keyword marketing– putting your message in front of people who are searching using particular keywords and keyphrases. Interactive agency– an agency offering a mix of Web design/development, Internet advertising/marketing, or E-Business/E-Commerce consulting.

Collection of all products or services offered by a company. A broad term that refers to any technology that enables people to communicate, exchange ideas, publish content, play games, network, or bookmark online. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are examples of popular social media sites. An advertising model where businesses pay search engines or publishers to host an ad that sends traffic to their websites. Every time that ad is clicked, the business is charged a fee depending upon the popularity of that particular term. A set of techniques performed directly on a website to improve visibility in search engines.

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The resultant information is used by advertisers and advertising agencies to plan new products, develop advertising campaigns, and, in general, to create more effective advertising. Motorized carried residential mail carrier who travels along his route in a mail truck instead of on foot. Splotchy pattern that can be printed on paper, usually in a single color of ink, for an aesthetic effect. It can be created manually by applying ink to paper with a sponge.

That ended when the company fell victim to its own marketing success, and Linoleum, the brand, came to mean any equivalent flooring material. In 1878, British courts ruled that linoleum lost its proprietary status to become a word in the public domain. Formica, the company that manufactures countertops and other products, appends the words brand surfaces to its product name.

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You can choose to show your ads to people, before they search your business, but you can also make Remarketing campaigns. Social Media Marketing activities and strategies are used to attract users and sell products and services via Social media channels. It’s a cost-efficient and effective way to engage with your audience and customers by regularly creating content. White Paper – shorter than an e-book; well-written, researched paper, guide or report to address a problem and present solutions – often with the writer/organization’s product or service featured as one of those solutions. May also present recent research and statistics in text and graphical form. Often seen in a business-to-business marketing or sales scenario – as white papers can be technical, serious and slightly academic in tone.

dictionary of marketing terms

It is used for more secure browsing or accessing content available only in other countries. Many content management platforms use different lingo to describe components within their systems. Some common ones are “Pages” or “Media Assets.” With Sitecore, every virtual object is an item with a unique ID. Our item-based structure enables more granular personalization and omnichannel delivery.

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In the early days of radio, cash was tight and studio needs often exceeded budgets; thus, much advertising time was sold through barter. This system continues today throughout the broadcast industry, and barter has become a highly competitive business. There are companies called barter brokers, who handle only barter business. There are also companies who have become wholesalers of broadcast time by building inventories of time accumulated through various barter situations . Base line line upon which the body of lowercase letters and the base of all capital letters rest.

dictionary of marketing terms

As mentioned above, a backlink refers to a link on a page or website that directs to your page or website. On-site SEO, also called on-page SEO, covers everything that happens on the website you’re trying to optimize. It refers to optimizing both the content on the page as well as making sure the HTML is clean and easy to crawl for search engine crawlers. The optimization of web content for the purpose of better ranking in the search results.

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Word choice and clarity matter as much within sales mission statements, policies, processes, procedures, and codes of conduct as they do in stakeholder conversations. The edict, be customer obsessed, might foster delivering delight, but the words are meaningless without articulating exactly what obsessed and delight mean, and connecting those meanings to a measurable outcome. The DST is particularly useful for answering vexing questions, such as “How do you describe how people acquire information?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It’s the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” or “natural” search results generated by search engines. Links allow search engines to crawl and discover content on the web. Links are also the online content creators’ currency.

For example, if a product being sold by the file user is inappropriate for apartment dwellers, then households with the same street address but different apartment numbers are dupes and are thereby eliminated from the list. If several rented lists are being deduped during a MERGE/PURGE, a PRIORITY statement must be built into the dedupe program matching logic to indicate which lists dupes should be removed from. Random prioritization protects list owners from being disproportionately penalized for duplicate records by removing dupes from the lists on a random basis. Payment is made to the list owners for names remaining after the dedupe process, so the fewer dupes removed from their list, the more they are paid. For example, if List A and List B duplicate eight records, four of the duplicates are removed from List A and four are removed from List B, thus reducing their rental revenue equally. Deep-etch plate in OFFSET lithography, PRINTING PLATE, used for long press runs, on which the inked areas to be printed are recessed slightly below the surface, making the plate more resistant to wear than surface plates. Even BIMENTAL PLATES are not as durable as deep-etch plates.

If you want a full list of terms used in the Facebook Ads manager, head on over to their official glossary. If you want to learn more about using Google Trends, here’s a list of Google Trends lessons offered by Google. Google Tag Manager is a tag management system used for managing multiple website tags .

You can read this post to learn more about dynamic content. When done correctly, you’d be able to see just how much of your marketing investment yielded new business growth. One of the biggest business benefits of implementing an inbound marketing strategy and utilizing inbound marketing software is the ability to execute closed-loop marketing. When blogging for a business, marketers should create posts that are optimized with keywords that their target audience is searching for and provide helpful, educational material to these readers. Typically, these blog posts should be actionable (by providing an opt-in, downloadable offer), as to provide a metric for the effectiveness of the business blogging. This has been the conventional wisdom for the past two decades, informing decisions on everything from product launches to corporate expansions to marketing campaigns. I enjoy working at the intersection of product, sales and marketing.

For example, a LIFT LETTER might be added, with a resultant increase in response rates. Depending on the difference in response achieved and the value of that additional response to the marketer, a lift letter might then be added to all subsequent promotion packages. Composing stick tool used in hand composition to assemble and justify type. The stick can hold only a few lines at a time, so the type must be transferred to a GALLEY each time the stick is filled. The stick clamps the type firmly into the desired line length, ensuring that SPACING-IN and spacing-out of the words is done correctly. Hand composition has largely been replaced by automated methods.

However, one industry speaker, Coleman Hoyt of Reader’s Digest, used it quite effectively by saying that junk mail represents all of the undeliverable incorrectly addressed mail that is sent. Just-in-time inventory control strategy of retailers who maintain almost no excess on-hand inventory, relying upon suppliers to deliver inventory as needed. JIT delivery is most beneficial to retailers with high inventory, financing, storage, and insurance costs.


Flying paster printing press mechanism that automatically pastes a new roll of paper to the end of an almost exhausted roll while the press continues to run; also called automatic paster. The paster speeds up the printing process and reduces paper waste. FM station any radio station in the FREQUENCY MODULATION system. The FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION has assigned the range of wavelengths from 88 to 108 MHz , which appear as 88 to 108 on the radio dial, to this system. Any station within this spectrum is an FM station. Point where light rays converge to produce an image that is clear and sharp in definition. Subject or issue that is the center of attention, as in a focus group.

A metric counting the total number of times a digital goal has been achieved by users. For each term included, you will find a simplified definition of the concept as used by Sitecore paired with a common marketing definition — and a helpful tip to tie it all together.

Its primary function is to advance the cause of a free press and to encourage the advancement of the newspaper publishing business while promoting https://wave-accounting.net/ the highest standards of journalism. In 1992, ANPA merged with other organizations to form the Newspaper Association of America.

Talent new to the profession is usually purchased on a buyout basis, since the performers lack the buying power to negotiate a residual arrangement, which would require payment every time that commercial appears. Given the life of most commercials, a buyout is usually more economical for the advertiser. By-product dictionary of marketing terms merchandise sold by periodical publishers that is incidental to the publication itself, such as back issue binders, calendars, tote bags, and books. Byline line that precedes the text of a story or article and names the writer of the piece. It is called a byline because it tells by whom the piece is written.

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